Will Pakistani call centers still take phone calls in 10 years in the presence of AI and IoT?

//Will Pakistani call centers still take phone calls in 10 years in the presence of AI and IoT?

Will Pakistani call centers still take phone calls in 10 years in the presence of AI and IoT?

Today, there are many customers who don’t have a great perception about the call center industry in Pakistan, especially when they have to wait on hold, and the agent is handling multiple other calls. That paired with more frustration when agents couldn’t resolve the issues as they are not implementing new trends and technology to serve customers. That’s why most of the people think that call centers will be ceased over the next few decades. But with the implementation of new techniques like the Internet of things, and Artificial intelligence can play a vital role in the future of call centers.

Here are some potential scenarios that could decide the future of call center industry in Pakistan.

The need for technology and live agents to attend calls in the future:

According to the research, one possibility is that call centers would still exist after 10 years and will do all the same things they are doing today. As long as people are using cell phones to communicate, brands would connect with their clients through phones. Much of these things will boil down to human interaction. And the fact is customers, trust live agents more than they trust machines. So, most of the people will still feel that they need to say something to a live person who can understand their problem, especially the emotion involved. Today, more than 74% of people approach customer service using their phone, more than using any other channel. Thus for too many people, it’s even worth waiting on hold in order to speak to a live agent.

Although, we can prefer to use technology to chat or email the call center easily, so we still have a learning curve involved. Moreover, the personal touch of communicating with a person on the phone cannot be replaced by texting, bots or email. Live agents could play a role for advice and decision-making.

Call centers would be ceased only if technology prevails:

On the other hand, there is also a possibility that call centers might stop answering calls altogether. When the digital technology will grow with the passage of time, customers would be concerned about getting their issues solved quickly more than about how they are getting it done. So, if this would be a case, efficiency would become a final deciding factor. Artificial intelligence and automated responses will be efficient enough in solving multiple customer issues, especially for some questions such as tracking products, refunds collection and answering basic details. But when the industry will opt advanced call center solutions then it might possible to serve customers according to their preferred way. In case, if technology grows and able to solve different involved questions, it could become more efficient as compared to the live agents.

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An in-between solution:

Now there is also an in-between solution. The idea is that call centers would still manage to exist after 10 years, but the way they interact and serve customers will change dramatically.

AI-powered solutions could be able to analyze multiple customer interactions before forwarding the call to the right agent. Instead of having to explain the whole situation through a single phone call, AI would be able to analyze customer’s history with the situation and the brand, and then route their call to the person who can efficiently solve the problem right away.

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The upcoming 10- 20 years might see some major changes in how call centers operate and connect with their potential customers. These decades would eventually decide the role of human interaction and technology in the customer experience. VoIP terminator is also an established call center in Pakistan which is committed to following all such innovative trends and techniques. You can get in touch with the professionals for more interesting news and updates.

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