Why Pakistan’s Call center industry has failed to grow?

//Why Pakistan’s Call center industry has failed to grow?

Why Pakistan’s Call center industry has failed to grow?

According to the PSEB report in January 2005, the call center outsourcing sector has shown remarkable growth in the IT industry. The reports say that there were almost 110 call centers in Pakistan who employed 2500 agents which generated around $50 million.

But unfortunately, after 2005, the call center industry has experienced a great downfall. That’s why; there is great room for improvement because a call center industry has the potentials to generate more leads and revenue in Pakistan.

So, here we discussed numerous challenges faced by Pakistan call center industry, which is affecting their ability to grow further;

Lack of Vision:

Lack of strong vision is the significant challenge of all the call centers we have in Pakistan. Other than a few of the call centers (and we have actually a ‘few’ of call centers not even more than 100, as per research performed by PSEB). Many call centers in Pakistan are not the ultimate business priority for business owners. Most of the people involved in this business are not building the superior brand name but just determined to make more money. And eventually, when the situation gets tough due to mishandling and is failed to make a desirable amount, they simply move out. The entrepreneurs are investing in the call center industry just to get some short-term returns. They lack a powerful and long-term term strategy, enough exposure and IT experience to provide the best services.

Unavailability of reliable human resources:

It’s time to admit the fact that, we lack the talent required to work in IT-enabled sectors. Entrepreneurs who want to make a significant investment in this industry, need to launch some high profile training sessions in order to get succeed. If you ask any CEO of the Call Center about his biggest fear, he might tell you that he is not worried to lose a customer (ok, that fear still exists) but he is more fearful of finding a reliable and talented person to work for his project.

Deployment of the right tools and techniques:

Keeping up with the advanced tools and software is quite overwhelming. Our day-to-day operations usually depend on several software applications that are necessary to perform multiple operations. For instance, if call centers would not prefer using the latest good quality VoIP, they might face numerous troubles. Because VoIP is considered as the most significant need for call centers, which can help you make a crystal clear call in cost-effective rates. Therefore, you have to find the best VoIP provider in Pakistan. Another factor is software such as VICIdial, Goautodial, Virtual numberand consumer data which can be purchased by call center solution provider.

Insufficient training and development:

When there will be a shortage of qualified people in the business industry, the training and development costs will eventually go up. If someone has a graduate or master’s degree in business administration, he can be able to identify his roles & responsibilities as a customer service executive. But this is not the case. The new hires are being taught about the politeness in their 2-3 week training or something about computer handling only. Universities can play major roles in this regard, they can help students by adding one module in their academic program. The lack of training and development will never help us build an ideal platform to generate sales and revenue.

All the IT companies and call center industries growing in Pakistan should take the necessary steps to recognize their brands. If you want to get more detailed information on call center industry and related software & tools, you can visit VoIP TerminatorCall Center Solutions

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