What is meant by a ‘VoIP hosted call center’ in Pakistan?

//What is meant by a ‘VoIP hosted call center’ in Pakistan?

What is meant by a ‘VoIP hosted call center’ in Pakistan?

VoIP is the most advanced technology which has now transformed the ways of voice calling. It has made voice calling affordable especially for call center industry to cater their communication needs. VoIP is a short form of Voice over Internet Protocol, thus the calls are simply made over the internet using an IP Protocol. It can also be used to make calls at home or at your workplace such as Skype through which you can make thousands of audio and video calls or send messages and pictures as well. It lets users make multiple international calls at most affordable rates. This simply means that you can cut down on your phone bills and just need to pay your monthly internet bill.

That’s the reason today many businesses turning to hosted VoIP solutions in Pakistan as we can cut down the costs and can utilize different additional features that make the communication between customers and employees. VoIP hosted call centers use VoIP for making long or International calls and are cloud-based where the service is hosted over the internet; it can be simply accessed and used from any destination across the globe with a strong internet connection.

On-premise vs cloud-based call centers:

In case of on-premise call centers, everything is conducted in the office; their servers are either be a PBX or IP PBX and every single software or hardware is well maintained and regulated on-premise and internally. But when it comes to cloud contact centers, the service is simply hosted in the cloud by the business phone service provider. It can be accessed with the help of strong internet connection. And all the data is stored in the cloud.

On-premise call centers always make use of public switched telephone network or sometimes even use VoIP, but their overall communication is usually done by voice. So the cloud-based call centers efficiently make use of VoIP for all kinds of communication and also utilize some additional features as well like the text chat, email, fax, social media, etc in order to make communication convenient and efficient for both agents and customers.

Why should you convert to the cloud-based call center?

Cloud-based call centers offer a lot of advantages. And the most prominent one is, you don’t need to set up an expensive hardware system, you only need to set up an app on your mobile or desktop to communicate with multiple customers. Second thing is, then there is a great cost of installing and operating an on-premise call center cost than a cloud-based call center which relies on different hardware; for example, you have to buy and install a compatible software, get a license, maintain the servers and then accommodate the operation of an on-premise call center.

Another important attribute is, hosted call center look more flexible in a sense that the agents can simply work from any destination and can even work remotely who have a strong enough internet connection.

For getting more customized VoIP call center solutions, you can consult with the reliable service provider at VoIP Terminator who can offer an efficient communication system between agents and customers.

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