Top technologies used in Pakistan call center industry

//Top technologies used in Pakistan call center industry

Top technologies used in Pakistan call center industry

We observed different changes in call center landscape in 2017, in which the involvement of virtual agents and cloud communications was at the forefront. But still, they didn’t contribute much to the progress of call center businesses. Therefore, Pakistan call center industry has decided to change the trends and switching to more advanced technologies that can help the businesses. Though, it’s quite challenging to pick, implement and optimize right technologies for best results. So, here are some top technologies explained which have been implemented.

High-quality VoIP Technology:

Every call center utilizes the VoIP phone system, but most of them experience poor call quality. This may happen due to bad equipment, slow internet, and improper network configuration. A person can resolve the issue by considering the help of best VoIP providers in Pakistan where professional people can help you maintain and configure a high-quality VoIP setup for better communications.

Outbound dialing software:

Another important call center technology is outbound dialing software. There are mainly two kinds of dialers that can help the agents to make multiple calls within a few minutes.

  • Predictive dialers: Predictive dialer is a smart solution discovered for call center agents, that can help them make multiple calls based on their availability. These dialers can also eliminate some non-value added activities e.g. dialing calls manually, waiting for a customer to answer, etc.
  • Auto Dialers: Autodialers can simply help agents to make hundreds of calls in a few minutes without considering the availability of agents. The basic purpose of these dialers is to deliver the pre-recorded personalized message with press 1 instructions.
  • Call center leads: After VoIP and dialing software, call center agents will need a database of phone numbers to make multiple calls to their customers.

Integrated Voice Response Software:

Integrated voice response software is basically a pre-recorded response which your customer hears during phone interaction. The caller will press some specific keys based on the instructions of IVR to get an answer to their query. Improvements in speech recognition software are also expected in the next years that will help customers to speak the selections instead of pressing several keys on their phones.

Workforce management software:

Workforce management software can also be implemented to maintain an efficient workflow. It will forecast future call volumes, agent requirements, and will schedule different types of activities including agent’s availability, holidays, skills, service levels, etc.

Customer relationship management software (CRM):

CRM basically helps you provide the best capability to track all kinds of interactions with your customer, it also includes the details of customer calls, customer orders or purchases, and their complete history in a single document.

Post contact survey software:

Call centers use customer satisfaction surveys to get some direct feedback from their customers after their interaction on phone; It provides the opportunity to improve the customer experience. For example, sometimes you receive the message that says “How would you rate the service quality of the customer support agent who served you on the call?”

There are still lots of new technologies emerging that will contribute to the development of the call center industry in Pakistan. Keep yourself updated with the latest news and trends on call centers on our website.

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