Top 6 highest paying jobs in Pakistan

//Top 6 highest paying jobs in Pakistan

Top 6 highest paying jobs in Pakistan

If you are a fresh graduate and looking for a lucrative job in the Pakistani market, then you need to check out the list of highest paying jobs which might be very helpful for you in finding your desired career.

Every year thousands of students graduate from private & public institutions of Pakistan and enter the job market. But most of the students face lots of difficulties to get the best job which is according to their skills. Unfortunately, they have to wait for a long time to get the highest paid job which matches to their qualifications.

Below is the list of some highest paying jobs in Pakistani market in 2018:

Aviation manager:

The role of aviation manager is to ensure the proper safety and navigation of the airlines. It is considered as one of the highest paying jobs and lucrative career in Pakistan which also require some special skill set and training with vast experience. They get highest remunerations due to certain reasons. The salary ranges from Rs.150,000-575,000 per month.

Chartered accountant:

The chartered accountant is the best ever paying jobs in Pakistan for several years. They are hired for the positions which are related to the financial affairs of a company such as CFO, Financial Analyst, Chief Accountant, Auditor, etc. They are offered a very handsome salary package from the start of their job and after some experience, they even earn in six figures. Their salary ranges from Rs.80, 000 to 450,000 per month.

IT professional:

Information technology is the most emerging sector in Pakistan which is rapidly contributing to economic growth. There are several software houses in major cities of Pakistan and the people like software engineers, marketing managers, and all IT related professionals are paid higher than all other fields. There is a great demand for these IT professionals in Pakistan and in other countries as well. IT professionals get highest salaries in Pakistan after chartered accountants. Their salary ranges from 60, 000 to 500,000.

Call center executive:

Call center jobs in Pakistan are also getting much popular with the rapid growth of technology and telecommunication channels. Most of the call centers in Pakistan operate in rotating shifts, especially in the night. They have to work in a very hectic environment where they are responsible to make or take thousands of calls within few hours. Their starting salary range is 40,000 and after achieving incentives or bonuses, they even earn more than 200,000.

Telecom engineer:

Telecommunication is considered as the fastest growing sector in Pakistan which generates billions of rupees from their efficient services. Starting the career as a telecom engineer is one of the most lucrative experiences in Pakistan. Their basic salary ranges from Rs.35,000, and after some experience, they earn more than 100,000 per month.

Project Manager:

Project managers in Pakistan are basically responsible for efficient procurement, planning, and execution of the overall project. Project management jobs are included in the best-paid jobs in Pakistan. They get handsome remunerations for their roles and responsibilities. Their salary ranges from Rs.30,000-150,000 per month.

There are still many other jobs that boost the career and offer highly attractive remunerations.  These jobs include business development managers, university lecturers, mechanical engineer, graphic designers, doctors, finance management officers and many more. Therefore, getting these highest paying jobs in all such emerging sectors require different special skills and experience. You can also apply for a lucrative career at VoIP Terminator.

Best of luck in finding the best job for your career!

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