Top 5 Call Center Predictions for 2019

//Top 5 Call Center Predictions for 2019

Top 5 Call Center Predictions for 2019

If you keep on finding best and innovative solutions for your call center and facing different challenges to overcome complexities, then one of the main things you need to do is identify the solution that is relevant for next year as well. You should navigate the business in a direction that can absolutely balance resources and can take multiple benefits ripped from the innovation. That’s the reason, you also need to foresee the things that can prove further challenging and might dominate the call center industry in next year.

Here are some top predictions made by the experts of VoIP Terminator;

Businesses will realize that mobile is a preferred channel of users:

Users have now become increasingly dependent on their cell phones for all sorts of interactions. That’s why, businesses should also be able to support this significant and growing medium, as it will ensure that customers can easily reach them when, and how they prefer.

According to an analysis, mobile phone apps usually received the highest Net Promoter Score (at 35 globally), and for US consumers, it’s crossing even higher (at 39).

mobile phone usage

Call centers may utilize Memojis:

Apple has recently introduced customer ‘memojis’ which is a part of its iPhone X, it has launched personal avatars for using on different messaging platforms on a broad scale.

Now, after moving into 2019, this innovative style of user representation could easily evolve to become a personal agent who might be usable across a wide range of social media and customer engagement channels that can be served just like your own virtual assistant. Whether you are booking a restaurant or renewing your car insurance. You can better do it with the help of your memoji.


Artificial intelligence will be hype only!

Call center would be able to migrate towards an efficient robotic technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), but in reality, it won’t be much useful as well.

There are many businesses caught up in the same excitement that usually surrounds the robot and artificial intelligence. Businesses will significantly continue making steps down the path to artificial intelligence and robots, of course, and they also get a wide range of benefits by doing so, as they have to streamline the customer journey as well. However, the fact on the ground is still disconnected from this major hype.


Real-time speech analytics:

Real-time speech analytics technology is now expanding with the passage of time. As 2019 progresses, we can easily expect to use the technology more like a coaching bot by the call center management experts. According to the past few years, speech analytics was basically considered as a bolt-on analytical engine. But the trend is changing today, and we will see that the change is accelerated during 2019 as well.

real time

Call centers will choose to expand digital transformations:

Businesses that have now experienced a growth in different operational costs, and want to improve the customer service quality will significantly look more closely not only at the front-office employees; but also at their back-office operations as well.

Therefore, combinations of these two elements would be the main driver in improving quality, driving operational efficiency and cost reductions in 2019.

Call Center Solutions

There might be a new focus on creating organizational core where automation, reporting, analytics, workflow, real-time analysis and integration with multiple other systems would simply change the way your work gets completed.

Anticipating these things, and providing agents with something better will significantly streamline the call center operations and you might be able to boost productivity by overcoming different challenges. You can also get more details about the predictions from call center experts at VoIP terminator.

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