Top 20 features of VICIdial that offers smooth communication

//Top 20 features of VICIdial that offers smooth communication

Top 20 features of VICIdial that offers smooth communication

VICIdial is open source full-fledged software that helps call center owners to run any kind of sales campaign for smooth general and marketing communications. According to experts, it has now disrupted different telecom industries as some similar functionality can easily be attained from inexpensive hardware and free software.

VICIdial can simply be installed on any computer and its interface can be easily accessed from any web browser in a same network. More importantly, its interface involves some advanced configurations that can help you customize the phone system in whatever way you want. You can also launch an automated attendant and automated outbound dialer to manage survey campaigns. Its possibilities are endless and thus it has multiple advanced features that can make the solution desirable for every call center owner.

Here are the top features offered by VICIdial software solution:

According to the recent analysis, VICIdial has more than 10,000 installations in call center or production environment in almost 100 counties of the world. Multiple installations have now been performed for more than 300 seats each with numerous location logins.

  1. It has an ability to manage agents remotely
  2. VICIdial is an outbound agent-controlled solution, with broadcast and predictive dialing ability
  3. Offers three-way calling within the agent application scenario
  4. It has web-configured IVR’s and voicemail boxes as well.
  5. It offers an ability to call clients simultaneously from a database through a web-client
  6. It also has the ability to dial predictively in a campaign with the help of adaptive dialing algorithm
  7. Ability to dial customers with a pre-recorded message
  8. Ability to set outbound caller ID in a campaign
  9. It also has the ability to function as an automatic call distributor and closing calls
  10. The software can even preview leads in manual mode before dialing
  11. Helps in third-party blind call transfers
  12. It has a power to set user levels and permissions for different amazing features and campaigns
  13. Provides an opportunity to managers to involve in the conversation between agent and customer and let them guide in a best way possible.
  14. Offers an ability to agents to select and then click to take multiple calls arranged in a queue from the screen of their agent
  15. Offers separate time-clock applications in order to track user work time
  16. Its multi-function web-based agent API allows agent control sessions which include click-to-dial outside of the screen of agent.
  17. Offers estimated hold time, place in line directly and over flow queues and different inbound features
  18. Provides single agent call-queuing
  19. Send a dropped or missed call to the voicemail box if no agent is available to attend calls
  20. Ability to start or stop recording an agent’s call anytime.

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Since VICIdial offers thousands of amazing features that offer effective communication. So if you are new to the call center business, it’s recommended to consider professional help from VoIP Terminator’s experts as they can help you something according to your business needs.

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