TEVTA training program: 2000 people to be trained for call centers in Pakistan

//TEVTA training program: 2000 people to be trained for call centers in Pakistan

TEVTA training program: 2000 people to be trained for call centers in Pakistan

According to the recent announcement by the Chairman of TEVTA (Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority) Irfan Qaiser Sheikh, ‘the authorities with the collaboration of TRG (The resource group) is going to impart training to almost 2,000 unemployed youth across the province.’ He shared these thoughts in the meeting with TRG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nadeem Elahi at TEVTA secretariat.

Irfan Qaiser Sheikh continued to say that, “all the trained persons will be working at call centers and will earn more than Rs50,000 per month”. He further said that “the technical training is the most important need of an hour and TEVTA is striving to provide necessary skills to equip our young generation to meet the employment needs.”

The goal of the training:

The major goal of this call center training program is to change the lives of youth by offering them the highest quality training and best leadership skills that may help them to lead a positive life and a sustained employment. They would also enjoy a “Better lifestyle” and can increase the probability to get long-term success in their career.

What is important to provide an ideal training environment in call centers?

To provide an ideal training environment, it’s most important to equip your call centers with latest technologies and software that increase the productivity in short time period. In order to do this, first of all, you are required to choose best call center software solutions which mainly include VoIP, dialers, and call center leads etc. When you will utilize high-quality software, the call center agents will be more likely to learn the new techniques in the best way possible.

What are the major things students will learn in the program?

In this training program, youths will have the opportunity to get the complete understanding of call center operations and responsibilities. They will be equipped with all the soft skills, computer skills, customer service skills, communication skills and automated call stimulation. Moreover, they will also learn to achieve and sustain successful careers in call centers. They will get more exposure by working in a completely professional environment.

What kind of topics would be included in the training program?

Some important topics included in the training program are:

  • Telephony
  • Communication skills
  • Problem resolution
  • Career Paths
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Interviewing skills/ resume preparation
  • Workplace survival skills
  • Life skills
  • Help with job applications
  • Call center tours

Constant evaluation of the progress:                  

Throughout their training program, every agent will be monitored consistently and they will be getting detailed reports on their performance. They will get timely feedback and get helps to improve their performance.

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