Is predictive dialer software a right solution for your outbound call center?

//Is predictive dialer software a right solution for your outbound call center?

Is predictive dialer software a right solution for your outbound call center?

Running a successful call center usually comes with many costs. A large part is a time your call center agent spends in a day. So every second that your agent is spending in dialing a call to the number who is disconnected or busy, is a waste of time and money. In order to help you save the agents from this hassle, predictive dialer can be utilized as a cost-effective solution that can help you dial the calls based on agent’s availability.

A predictive dialer is basically a call center application that predicts when the agent will be available to attend a call, and after prediction, the dialer automatically begins to dial new numbers. Predictive dialer solution basically filters out all the unproductive calls as it has an algorithm which is automatically set to detect when the live caller will answer the call. However, the system will automatically dial thousands of numbers and then direct the live calls only to the available agents.

Benefits of using predictive dialer software solution:

Here are some common benefits mentioned that can help the call center owners to choose predictive dialer solution;

  • Enhanced agent productivity:

Elimination of some unproductive call basically allows all the agents to spend enough time connecting with the real customers. No agent would ever be left idle with this technique. Eventually, this may increase the sales and revenue as well. Therefore, the system will automatically dial calls to the available agents, as they will be able to handle more calls in a short time period. Make sure, you are choosing right predictive dialer software so you can manage the workflow and smooth call center operations to enhance agent’s productivity.

  • Scalable & flexible:

Predictive dialer software solutions help you add or remove the agents easily, manage the list of numbers and campaigns, as it a most scalable solution discovered so far. This is considered a key to expand the company and manage the operations smartly.

  • Setup customized campaigns:

Predictive dialers provide the ability to set up the customized campaigns for each user. And among all, calling different people and groups is an added benefit that makes the software highly attractive for both the agents and the users. You can also set up your dialer to call a specific group of numbers at 2 hours, and then switch to some new group at different timings.

Uses of predictive dialer:

  • Announcements and reminders
  • Handling outbound sales campaigns
  • Managing polls and surveys
  • Debt collection or tracking
  • And more

Therefore, reaching some disconnected, busy numbers or answering machines can dramatically hinder the agent’s productivity; especially in the case of outbound call centers. That’s why predictive dialer solution has now become the most attractive option for call center industry. There are some advantages as well;

  • The agents can communicate important offers, alerts, and reminders with a large number of target audience
  • Agents can save more time in dialing numbers and can communicate well with prospects
  • Agents can run and manage multiple calling campaigns at the same time.

If you are also looking to enjoy these benefits, you can choose VoIP Terminator for professional solutions, and guidance related to predictive dialers and other call center solutions.

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