How to tackle staff turn-over in Pakistani call center industry?

//How to tackle staff turn-over in Pakistani call center industry?

How to tackle staff turn-over in Pakistani call center industry?

High turnover is a constant issue in Pakistani call center industry from past few years. According to a study revealed in 2015, the turn-over rate in the call center was 30-40% which has now increased to 5% in every single year. If we compare this rate to some average turnover rate in different industries, then this estimate would be double and will be definitely up to three times as compared to the other professional fields. This high turn-over rate can pose a great damage to an employee’s career.

High turnover rate also means that we are spending more money on employees training, which could be spent well on multiple other aspects of your business. As a result, the capacity of these low-experience employees always end up hurting your business and drive away your potential customers that can contribute well to your growth.

What are the reasons for employee turn-over?

Have you ever wondered what the reasons behind this constant turn-over are? Why employees prefer to leave right after 2-3 months of their job? The fact is, our typical call center environment do not aspire the best in people, and they do not feel much confident to work independently. Most of the employees face huge negative criticism and humiliating attitude from the customers which may even abuse them without any strong reason. That’s why employees experience demotivation and better to switch their job and hence find a more respectable field. Sometimes, employees are also not provided with right tools and software which can help them close the sales in the best way. This is the major reason of staff turn-over in most of the call centers.

What can be done to stop the high turn-over?

The fact is, the staff turn-over is unavoidable. But at least we can make some efforts to reduce this rate by empowering our employees in the best way possible. Even if you are running a high scale business then there would be someone who might look misfit for the position. The better solution provides the right training to the employees so they can tackle the workload efficiently in short time period.

Other than that, offering attractive salary packages along with high incentives or bonuses would be also a good motivating factor that can retain your employees to their position. In case of call center solutions, providing the best software, tools and technologies would help their operations run more smoothly. They will be free to use those tools to manage their tasks easily. For example, in order to manage everything efficiently, they will need best call center solutions which mainly include high-quality VoIP, predictive dialers, and call center leads to generate more leads in a short time.

If you want to give your call center a better quality of life, it’s better to follow the above-mentioned solutions so you can achieve high success standards with reduced turn-over rates. Visit VoIP Terminator for more facts, articles, and news.

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