How an advertising agency fixed their outbound calling campaign?

//How an advertising agency fixed their outbound calling campaign?

How an advertising agency fixed their outbound calling campaign?

Despite a great rise in inbound marketing techniques, the outbound calling campaigns still look like a popular sales tactic efficiently used by various businesses today. And most importantly, well-structured cold calling campaigns always work. There are lots of high-profile businesses and even startups have run outbound sales campaign in which their agents dial multiple numbers to prospective customers to reap the maximum benefits. But sometimes, the startups experience unpredictable situations where they have to bear the loss due to some unknown issues.

A famous advertising agency in Pakistan also experienced the similar situation. They tried to grow their business and set up an outbound call center. But what happened next? They ended up with great desperation as their agents were failed to generate sales and leads.

They tried to investigate the issue and seek professional advice from call center service providers in Pakistan to get the better solution for their problem.

Anticipate the sales objections and train your agents on how to respond well:

No one can ever say that the outbound calling campaigns are very easy. An agent needs to prepare a satisfactory answer to each and every query of their customer. They must have a proficient knowledge of their products and services so they can guide the prospects in a better way. The agents feel more confident and positive when they know that they have a proper answer for all kinds of sales objections, and they will be able to keep their conversation on right track. That’s why necessary training and preparing best answers is the most important thing before running your call center campaign.

Investment in best call center software:

If you want to keep the efficiency of your agents at peak, you need to invest in high-quality call center software. The call center software mainly includes best VoIP, predictive dialer, and right call center data. To give your agents a high-quality calling experience, you need to utilize best quality VoIP, as your agents and customers won’t face delaying response and the agents will be able to respond well with smooth calling experience. With predictive dialer, your agents won’t need to dial hundreds of numbers individually; the dialer software will automatically dial the numbers from the call center data. Using these software solutions, you can put maximum efforts on generating efficient leads.

Identify KPI’s and benchmark agent’s performance:

Using the key performance indicators to set the best standards for your agent performance is the best thing for your outbound calling campaign. This will help you out in carefully monitoring how your agents are performing. These KPI’s will include schedule adherence, the standard call handling time, and sales conversion rate.

Run Press 1 campaigns:

If you want to deliver some personalized message to your target audience like you have launched a new product and you want to advertise it to the massive audience. You can simply generate press 1 campaign through auto-dialer software which will convey your message to the target audience and will encourage them to ‘press 1’ to get more information about the product. If you have least ideas about running best press 1 campaigns, you can read out the best tips before starting.

The Result:

After providing guidance and practical implementations, the advertising agency noticed a significant growth. They increased their sales by 30% and also boosted the revenue by more than $100,000 each quarter.

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