Getting High-quality VoIP from your Wholesale Termination Providers

//Getting High-quality VoIP from your Wholesale Termination Providers

Getting High-quality VoIP from your Wholesale Termination Providers

There are many small & medium scale companies that are concerned about switching to VoIP telephones, because of the high- quality VoIP as compared to the traditional phone systems. Many of us have already heard different stories about time lags, dropped calls, voice echo and a poor voice quality.

However, most of these stories are not fact-based and completely anecdotal. Some have still persisted since the early days of VoIP when there were the only a couple of the routes available and the bandwidth was even much more restricted. Others are due to some particular issues that cannot affect many customers and can be corrected soon.

Fast and efficient broadband connection:

VoIP usually proves to the burden placed upon the broadband connection you purchase. And if you are much closer to the throughput limits, it will ultimately create a wide range of different sound aberrations on your VoIP phone. So, before rushing out to buy higher bandwidth, however, you can take the help of your wholesale termination providers that it is the right solution you are looking for. And if you find that your broadband is a bottleneck, then it is most probably inexpensive to get it increased.

That’s why, in a multi-structured call center, you should consider giving various offices their own broadband accounts and multiple independent routers. This would certainly bring multiple advantages as well: for instance, if any technical issue is affecting one of your purchased connections, then the other guarantees you would be able to keep going until it’s fixed.

Staggering the load during busy hours:

The best alternative way is to increase the costs of your broadband, and use it a bit more carefully. Like if your employees are watching Youtube in the office next door, then you don’t need to look further for the cause of your voice quality issues, but a more ingenious way of dissipated bandwidth is to depend on different Cloud resources.

However, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is becoming a highly popular choice for different businesses, offering relief from IT burdens, different security threats and high capital expenditure on buying in-house software, plus the burden it is adding to the network connections is forgotten as well.

Give wholesale termination the first priority:

The routers and network equipment already have a “Quality of Service” setting, which is abbreviated to QoS. One can also use their QoS settings to prioritize various types of traffic over others. Depending on the router you are using, you can specify which users, which type of applications, or which kind of data streams will get the most preferential treatment; so that the packet loss, call jitter, latency or transmission delays, bit loss and different parameters can be optimized as well.

Consider helps from expert solutions:

If you think that none of the steps would be able to solve your issue, then it’s important to consult with the right service provider such as VoIP Terminator in order to determine how much jitter, call latency or other issues are affecting your phones.

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