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DID/DDI Local Number

VoIP Terminator is a leading virtual number provider in Asia. Direct Inward Dialing (DID) also known as Virtual Number is a feature that provides a series of numbers on a single telephonic line. DID, also known as Direct Dialing Inward (DDI) in some countries, enables the single line to handle multiple calls that maintain an effective connectivity of all the employees.

By availing the easy-to-remember numbers, a business can benefit in building enterprise-like reputation among customers. With DID numbers your employees can reach each other by simply dialing a three or four digit extension. Based on cloud, its technology can connect even the differently located branches on the same network. All this sums up to support all the levels of organizations in maintaining the best telephonic communication. This feature can play more than just a significant role for businesses as it supports the fax operations as well.

Rich Connectivity

With the traditional trunk line facility on the phone, you get steady and flawless call connectivity.

Local Phone Numbers

The phone numbers offered on the DID features are usually preferred by businesses to be in series.

Choice of Numbers

Different businesses have different preferences when it comes to selecting the numbers. So choose a number that suits you.

Port Your Old Number

You can easily port the existing numbers of your business with us. This makes the customer experience seamless.

DID Number: Real Benefits of Virtual Presence

With a virtual number, you get absolute assurance that your business is always in easy access of your customers. The possibility of missing out on a promising lead becomes totally negligible.

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