Call center technology trends to watch

//Call center technology trends to watch

Call center technology trends to watch

Do you know your call center business can generate remarkable revenue in just a one-month duration? Yes, it’s true, but it’s only possible with the implementation of the right tools and techniques. In order to understand the importance of call center business, the survey was performed by a well-known company; and on the basis of their findings

  • 96% of customers leave the business without submitting the complaint, and 91% of customers do not even return.
  • According to the results, the total costs to acquire new customers are eight times greater than the costs to retain the existing customer.
  • By offering excellent customer services, the business can boost its chances to retain the customer by up to 40%.

Computer telephony integration (CTI):

CTI enables telephone systems and computers to work together in order to improve the efficiency of the call center business. It mainly allows the computers to manage the telephone calls, and assure the agent that he will be receiving a pop-up screen along with the customer’s account details on their computer screen.

This will eventually save the time of your caller and agent as well and also allow your customer support executive to get access to the customer profile and history by using their information to provide better support.

Predictive dialer:

A predictive dialer is a smart dialing software that enables your company to make multiple calls within a few minutes. They help you access the customer who is more likely to attend your call and screen out all the busy numbers, no answers, disconnected numbers and answering machines. The dialer will mainly predict when the agent is available to attend the next call.

VoIP; cutting edge technology

If you are looking for greater scalability and flexible mobility then utilizing VoIP solutions will help you fix the issues in a more efficient way. With the help of VoIP solution providers in Pakistan, your company can generate more revenue for cost-effective rates. You can make thousands of International calls with the help of dialing software to reach the customer.

Omnichannel support:

‘Omnichannel’ term denotes the integration of multiple platforms in which social media, email, voice chat, multi-media, etc. involve.

According to 2013 and 2014 surveys, it has been found out that there are 79% of customers who still prefer to use phone support over Omni-channels; and right after 1 year, there were approximately 8 out of 10 people that chose phone support as they didn’t find any other option. And the rest of the 2 people didn’t pick up the phone after getting some unanswered emails as they were exploring every other channel they could possibly use. Then according to another report, it was indicated that the lack of delayed and low-quality support through social media, text, and email was driving all the customers away. Therefore, they preferred choosing phone support over other mediums. But now in 2018, besides using VoIP or voice call services, the trend of Omnichannel support is getting increased because we have improved the versatility of digital mediums to reach the customer.

What are the emerging technologies you use in your call centers? Comment below and share your opinions with us.

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