Call center employees are using voice analytics to predict your feelings & depression symptoms

//Call center employees are using voice analytics to predict your feelings & depression symptoms

Call center employees are using voice analytics to predict your feelings & depression symptoms

Customer services calls can be annoying sometimes and look hard to deal with. The reason is that humans are not able to read the emotional cues; they are completely unaware who is on the other side, as they only listen the ‘voice’ so it’s difficult to analyze the user’s state of the mind.

Therefore, call center agents unintentionally broadcast wrong emotional signals, which lead them to the miscommunication and both the user and the agent feel discomfort while talking over the phone.

Cogito: Speech analytics

MIT media lab has launched Cogito which is an artificial intelligence mechanism and utilizing smart voice analytics that helps customer service agents better analyze how users are feeling. The technology is smart enough to predict the customer’s emotional state by simply analyzing his voice tone and patterns. It also tracks dialog speed, volume or voice changes, pauses, interruptions and other voice metrics to understand the user behavior to provide real-time reports. Now with the advancement in the same technology, computers and robots may follow the same pattern as humans and will identify the emotional state through voice.

In the year 2001, the MIT Media Lab professor Alex “Sandy” Pentland went India to launch Media Lab Asia. According to him, he has felt a weird behavior and said “I have noticed in a lot of meetings we had, that the boards of directors were quite awful,”

According to Pentland, the people were explicitly sharing their ideas, the words they were using were not bad or humiliating, but the voice tone and the emphasis behind those words were completely unbearable.

Out of that experience, he wanted to grow the concept of speech analytics. He wanted to know the real-time facts about people’s voice tone and their behavior.


In order to help with this mechanism, MIT researchers also developed the system called sociometers. They are basically the name badges which already have the embedded sensors that can simply track the voice patterns and demonstrate the body movement during a phone conversation.

Through this technology, the researchers are now able to predict the result of daily interactions like in job interviews where the employers can observe the candidate more intelligently without even listening to the words he has spoken. According to the behavioral scientists, this speech analytics software is providing a rich layer of communication in all the interactions that may happen independently of the language.

Call center industry:

And now in call center industry, with the help of this software, we are now being able to foster effective communication and connection beyond words. This artificial intelligence mechanism is a very interesting implication in diplomacy and conflict resolution. It will improve our experience with robots as well. It can be considered as the best call center solution as it will help agents to demonstrate the voice tone of their customers quickly and more efficiently.

Healthcare sector

After some years, Pentland’s research also turned quickly to the healthcare industry. He found voice analytics can simply detect voice symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression and also determine whether patients and doctors are really feeling satisfied during their interactions.

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