Auto Dialer vs Predictive dialer; which one is the best to generate more sales?

//Auto Dialer vs Predictive dialer; which one is the best to generate more sales?

Auto Dialer vs Predictive dialer; which one is the best to generate more sales?

Dialer software is the most crucial part of your call center, especially if you want to generate more sales and leads in short time. Hence, the type of your integrated dialer software mainly distinguishes your call center from an ordinary one to the successful one. That’s the reason, call center owners and agents prefer using dialers to streamline the operations, and especially predictive dialer and auto dialer are quite useful that help generate more reliable customers. But the point is which one of these is performing best and proving useful in making more sales and leads.

Here we have compared both types, to give you some useful insights about improving the performance of your call center.

Auto dialer:

As the name implies, auto dialer software automatically dials numbers from the database. The process is done through human controlled devices which are used to dial various numbers automatically upon pushing a button. Today, auto dialers are considered to be more popular and effective software which dials from an extensive list in your computer.

Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialer software has all the functionalities of an auto-dialer. In addition, it predicts when an agent is available to attend next call, and only dials when the user is available on the other side.

It simply filters out different unsuccessful and disconnected calls that might include any busy tones, wrong numbers, and answering machines and then connects live calls to the available agent. This amazing functionality helps predictive dialer in reducing the spare time of call center agents and increasing the amount of active connections.


Auto dialer vs Predictive dialer:

  • The most considerable advantage of having auto dialer software is that, it dialers next number automatically right after the first call ends. It can even retrieve the list from the computer database and follow the numbers according to their orders.
  • With predictive dialer, calls cannot be dialed automatically like auto dialer, and every call will be made if the agent is available to answer. It increase agent’s productivity and he can have more live connections in less time period.
  • Auto-dialers usually have the capacity of escalating different number of calls and then reaching thousands of people without any human efforts. A call center required only for the calls which are mainly answered by live users on the other side of the call. So, because of this, call center agents tend to focus on establishing several customer connections than worrying about with making calls to different numbers.
  • Predictive Dialer can offer good personalization and therefore can engage users in more meaningful conversations. Unlike auto dialer, these dialers also have a very intelligent call routing system which simply connects calls to the respective agent based on their skills.
  • As auto dialers involve least interference of agents, so it is free from the biases or errors human make.
  • But in case of Predictive dialers, human interference is involved so it might have the possibility of making an error at some point.
  • Auto-dialers considered much suitable for affordable dissemination of information such as making public announcements, political campaigns, and some important broadcasts.
  • But predictive dialers cannot be used for disseminating information; they are only good for making calls according to the availability of the agent.

Call Center Solutions

By now, you must have got clear idea about auto dialer and predictive dialer. Auto-dialers can provide huge advantages to the call centers that try to broadcast different marketing campaigns and disseminate information to a large population. Predictive dialers usually help in making more useful connections and also improve agent productivity. That’s why; it’s proved both of this software is important to generate sales and leads as they are significant enough to streamline call center operations according to the latest trends.

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