Are the young generations seeing more bright opportunities in Pakistan call center industry?

//Are the young generations seeing more bright opportunities in Pakistan call center industry?

Are the young generations seeing more bright opportunities in Pakistan call center industry?

Call center industry of Pakistan has been included in the most developing sectors of the country. The reason behind their development is it has been creating vast employment opportunities for young generations who have no work experience and looking to boost their career in a more efficient way.

Therefore, these bright job opportunities welcome every job-seeking individual in Pakistan, where the unemployment rate is quite high.

An ideal candidate for call center jobs:

Fresh university graduates consider this opportunity as a sunshine towards their brilliant future. Actually, the fact is, all the call center jobs are very easily accessible without involving candidates in difficult tests or assessments. These jobs can act as an ideal starter to generate handsome income along with incentives and opportunities to travel overseas. Therefore, call center authorities only assess perfect communication skills. So, if you feel that you can easily talk to people over the phone with great confidence and convincing attitude, then that’s all you need to get a job in any reputable call center.

The first step towards the corporate world:

Most of the job seekers in Pakistan consider this opportunity as the basic step towards the corporate world. But the fact is, only a few people end up successfully switching to some better role in call center industry; most of the people remain stuck as an ordinary call center agent who is not earning more than 30,000 per month.

Is the young generation inspired by the fun-filled & relaxed environment of call centers?

Once you start the call center job, everything looks quite exciting and fresh. When you are attending your training sessions, things look fun, relaxed and wonderful. But once the training period is over, real work begins. Sometimes, it gets a little boring as well as quite frustrating in just a couple of weeks, because the employees get annoyed of answering those random calls one after the other. Their frustration level increases when they have to bother bad and abusive language from their customers and they feel tired of explaining the issues repeatedly.

But an interesting part is when the young people get the chance to work at a call center, their communication skills enhanced automatically and they learn different tactics to handle their calls proficiently. But unfortunately, we see fewer benefits if we compare the pros & cons of call center jobs.

Positive & negative aspects:

The constantly repetitive nature of call center industry is both good & bad simultaneously. If you are not feeling well, and don’t want to go for a work, then the repetition will help you a lot as you will not be required to put in great effort in the work and you can give extra time whenever you feel well. The negative aspects are, sometimes you feel quite bored with this dry nature of call center industry. The long working hours and night shifts also affect the lifestyle and health of employees.

Young generations can incredibly enhance their skills:

The call center platform is both challenging and creative. The agent needs to tackle several customers in whom some of them are moody, good, bad, aggressive and cool. The training makes the agent much efficient to adopt the tactful approach to address the issues of all customers. This training also helps them in their personal life, their patience level gets increase and they can deal everyone with their best communication skills.

Call center jobs might not be the best choice for youth, but these are far better than being unemployed.  In the end, I salute all the customer support executives who are adjusting to such a rough & tough but creative lifestyle.

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