Adoption of Omnichannel at all the levels- Join the circle

//Adoption of Omnichannel at all the levels- Join the circle

Adoption of Omnichannel at all the levels- Join the circle

It usually seems like an “adoption of omnichannel” has beginning to appear in the annual industry prediction lists for almost three years. And according to predictions, it might appear on the lists for at least three more years. This is actually because omnichannel is not a quick win game, we have to wait for the time to get it more prevalent. It’s generally a kind of a multi-year business strategy that needs the highest investment of resources, efforts, money and time.

According to a study performed by VoIP Terminator, there are almost 25% of companies said; they were able to provide perfect omnichannel experience. And if we talk about the call center industry, then we’ll come to realize that this percentage is getting increased day by day and more & more call centers are planning to utilize Omni-channel support to provide best call center solutions in Pakistan and worldwide.

The barriers to delivering Omni-channel support:

There are multiple barriers to delivering true omnichannel assistance and they can be significant to the reputation of your call center. For example, accurate data, technology, and the company buy-in can all pose different hectic jobs and challenges. That’s why our delivering best experiences through Omni-channel has now become a necessary need to run your operations smoothly and efficiently.

Omni-channel; simply more than a buzzword

Today modern call centers tend to unite every single platform to interact with their business such as voice, email, social media, web and smartphones. They tend to leverage the entire customer data effectively to offer a more than consistent experience regardless of any channel. They tend to prioritize their ability to offer a perfectly seamless and cross-channel experience by:

  • A knowledge that their performance is directly correlating with the customer’s brand experience and their retention.
  • Preparation of the emerging technologies and training call center agents on varieties of channels.
  • Measuring the cross-channel customer service KPIs for improved resource management

The reason is, there are many companies which have the strongest omnichannel engagement strategies and retain an average of 92% of their clients, as compared to 43% for the organization’s companies having some weak omnichannel strategies.

Reasons to implement Omni-channel solutions for call centers

Today most of the consumers want to choose the service on their terms & conditions, with the reduced wait time. So, waiting for standby or on-hold for the available agent seems much frustrating for almost 90% of the users.  In addition, there are almost 74% of the users with texting habits usually prefer to choose texting techniques over voice as a customer support channel.

So, it’s proved that texting usually looks like the most preferred method to nullify all such issues, and though it’s just a single component of the omnichannel technique and perhaps an essential integration technique among all.

Therefore, it’s clear that using Omni-channel support for your call centers is the best technique that can help you recognize your brand quickly and effectively among the wide target audience. If you want to know more about the topic, you can simply consult with the professionals at VoIP Terminator and seek expert advice.

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