A 5- Minute Guide to Setup your Call Center with VoIP Terminator Pakistan

//A 5- Minute Guide to Setup your Call Center with VoIP Terminator Pakistan

A 5- Minute Guide to Setup your Call Center with VoIP Terminator Pakistan

One of the major challenges of business growth is to keep up with the support and latest trends, especially in case of call center industry in Pakistan. When your staff is spending their maximum time in answering different customer calls and emails rather than focusing on business strategic goals, so then it’s a good time to set up your own call center where you can manage a variety of communications with an expert team.

Therefore, if you want to set up your own call center for more profits and brand recognition, then follow the below-mentioned steps recommended by VoIP Terminator;

Create your account:

First of all, you need to approach a right and reliable call center services that can help you streamline the operations in more diligent manner. For example, when you choose VoIP Terminator, you will be required to create an account on their website. During that, you can schedule your personal demo, enter complete details and get registered to experience the flawless services.

create an account

Upgrade to avail Auto dialer solutions:

For smooth operations and maximum lead generation, the auto-dialer is the best software that needs to be implemented. The software dials thousands of calls within minutes to your target audience; it is also considered best when it comes to run press 1 campaigns as it delivers a prerecorded message to several people at once. To enjoy maximum benefits in cost-effective rates, you can simply upgrade to different auto dialer packages in which you can enjoy from up to 100 concurrent calls to 2000 concurrent calls. That’s how you can select your desired package,


Get virtual numbers for your call center:

Let’s assume you are establishing the call center for your customers in US, India or Philippines, you need to get at least 3 local numbers and 3 toll-free numbers for these countries. You can open the list of phone numbers, follow the steps to add a new number and get new numbers for US, India, and Philippines.

Setup an audio greeting message:

After getting numbers, welcome your customers with the custom message make sure the message is in different tones and languages. You can use something like “Welcome to VoIP Terminator, we are connecting you with one of our members shortly.” You can set up various messages for numerous phone numbers depending upon your team and location. You can customize the settings while adding a greeting message, like you can select voice, language, and add your custom message, and save.

Set your business hours:

If you are not operating your call center 24-hour or it remains closed on public holidays and weekends, then it’s possible to set up your custom working hour rules all the agents. This will significantly handle all the calls and will forward them to voicemail if your agents are not available to attend the calls.

Set your call distribution rules:

An agent can distribute his incoming calls in three possible ways;

  • Sequence ringing: Phone will ring in a sequence set by you
  • Simultaneous ringing: the phone will ring simultaneously for all the agents both on their computer and phone.
  • Forward call: or you can forward the incoming call to voicemail

How would all the settings work?

You will publish the phone number on your website. So when the users will contact you, the working hours and call distribution settings will become active. And as a result, the agents will start receiving phone calls and voicemails via email. In addition, the call center owner can be able to track all the calls from call logs or dashboard. In the end, a user would have complete access to call recordings for evaluation and training purpose.

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