5 important call center system features for 2019 and onwards

//5 important call center system features for 2019 and onwards

5 important call center system features for 2019 and onwards

When you delineate the basic needs of running your call center business, and deciding on the hosting type you want; you might need to specify multiple added features as well. As sometimes, these basic features can make a huge difference when it comes to running the operations smoothly, such as being able to monitor the average time operators spend on calls.

Here are some of the highly beneficial call center features that might prove to be a big help in 2019 and on-wards;

Automatic call distribution:

Automatic call distribution feature is considered as ‘a must have’ tool for running a standard call center. If you already have a system in place that automatically forwards the callers to their relevant people, then it might help you cut down the time and efforts on resources. This system simply distributes the calls according to the particularly specified criteria, like sending the call to a phone which is free or idle, or sending calls about payments and billing to the relevant department. So, almost all the call center systems have a unique kind of ACD. They may vary from a simple push-button virtual operator to those that are using the caller ID or voice recognition.

Advanced Omni channel solutions:

Today, customers always expect high quality service in multiple channels than ever before. They want the services across various channels, like customer sessions, which simply involve digital and voice, self-service as well as the agent assisted and inbound & outbound channels. Call center owners can simply empower their agents to use such channels that lead to successful First Contact Resolution, and allow them to reduce the overall customer effort.

Integrated workforce management:

Your call center agents are the most valuable asset of your business. Some sophisticated scheduling actually helps both the service levels as well as the agent satisfaction. You can find multiple amazing features that can assist you keep the attrition level down and engage the call center agents. It’s better to think accurate while scheduling regardless of any channel, vacation, shift bidding, gamification and more reliable forecasting. And it’s much better than any spreadsheet.


Have you ever managed seasonality in your call center business? Are you growing it or making it worse? Or are you being forced to scale back temporarily? In that case, elasticity, flexibility and scalability would be most essential for you; so why should you pay more than it actually required?

Integration interfaces:

This is an extremely important trend might increase with the passage of time. Customers now expect personalized service which simply relies on the ability to integrate the call center solutions with one or more data sources. You may choose to integrate company tools or can even build your own desktop. So, in order to do so, you may want some partner that is offering some pre-built integrations, the large network of your alliance partners, and some simple access to a more extensive and well documented collection of integration interfaces.

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